• Saturday, June 03, 2023

Marvel’s HAWKEYE Trailer Just Launched on Disney Hotstar: Must Watch!

user.jpg Quick Entertainment, 2021-09-14

The new Marvel Cinematic Universe HAWKEYE will come at November's end on Disney Premier, setting an excitement level for the festive season with the trailer. In the trailer, Clint Barton (Aka HAWKEYE) planned to spend Christmas with his family, but enemies have some more fun plans for him.


The new series of Marvel is the return of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. This time, he is launched with a new partner, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) “World’s Greatest Archer” and is self-professed. Hawkeye is shown as the center of a relationship with two toxophiles, in the trailers Clint trains Kate as the Hawkeye, same as the character does in the Marvel comics. In the trailer there's a hint of passing of the torch. It shows the pair meeting for the first time and they create a bond which in the future makes them come together for the battle.


There are few shots of the other parts of the MCU, including the existence of a Broadway musical about Captain America (Steve Roger) and also there are some shots of a tip of the cap toward the “masked vigilante” Hawkeye who battled in ``Avengers: Endgame''.


Now we don’t need to wait any longer, when Clint, Yelena and Kate encounter each other. The eight episodes of the first season of Hawkeye, will debut on Disney on November 24th.