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Rare Super Blood Moon Will Appear Tonight: Lunar Eclipse 2021

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The moon will be closest to earth on 26th May 2021, and it will mark the full moon appearance of the year, which is known as the Super Moon.

Also, the Super Moon of 26th May will appear special because it also coincides with this year’s total lunar eclipse, which is the first total lunar eclipse since January 2019. This is also called Super Blood Moon as two celestial events taking place together.

What Exactly You See During This Lunar Eclipse?


Since the Moon comes at its closest point to Earth, People will see the large moon than usual. Also as it’s a total lunar eclipse on the same day, we will be able to see the red glow tone in the Moon.

The red color tone which we are talking about comes from the Earth will block most of the Sun’s light from reaching the moon and filter out the remaining light which reflects on Moon as red ‘total lunar eclipse’ shade.

Who Can See the Super Blood Moon?

The first lunar eclipse of this year will start at 2:17 pm as per Indian Standard Timing (IST) and be visible until 7:19 pm. According to the observation, the moon will be appearing all over the world and people can see a supermoon throughout the night if the sky will be clear.

Nasa Says, The lunar eclipse will be more difficult to observe. The partial eclipse when the earth’s shadow moves into and out can be visible in India, Nepal, western China, Mongolia, and eastern Russia just after the Moon rises in the evening. But India will not get to see the total eclipse.