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Search ON’21 Make you learn everything about Google AI

user.jpg Ravi, 2021-10-05

At Search On’ 21 they explained how Google AI innovation is being used to make it more helpful for the people who need more & more information.

In Search On 2021, we will get to know how AI and new technologies are used to make the search engine more informative and helpful for users.


The new way maps, advanced search tools, and new way shopping inspirations search on Google and much more.


New Way of Google Maps and AI: With Google AI technology and mapping organizations and users get helpful information. At Search On '21 Google introduced the new feature of mapping that helps to keep communities safer, and more discoverable no matter from which corner of the world they are searching.


  • Introduced the Wildfire line in the mapping
  • Tree Canopy Insights To help to expand 100 new cities
  • Assigning addresses at scale with the help of the new Address Maker app


The new way of shopping inspiration in Google: With this amazing shopping inspiration update people can shop in a moment with Google Lens and Window shop option from the search, in-store inventory search from home and much more they have added to make the shopping experience of the online shopping lover more easy and flexible.


  • Google Lens allows the iOS and chrome desktop users with an option to make all the images on a search page.
  • Now window shopping also allowed whenever you search something for shop it wil give you the images of the products offered online so you can explore directly from there.
  • Shoppers now increasingly take an interest in searching the nearest location for shopping before going out. People can find location stores to go to and also what products they are carrying. 


Helpful Tools to make the search more explorable: Whether you are looking for restaurants, COVID Vaccine, or anything, you will get relevant and credible information to make Google a trustworthy platform. They are adding advanced AI innovation tools to make the searches smarter and better.


Search On '21 shows the many updated features and introduced a new way of searching for a better experience for the users.