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Chhattisgarh's Surajpur Collector Ranbir Sharma IAS Shameful Act Gone Viral on Social Media

user.jpg Quick Source, 2021-05-23

The collector of Surajpur District, on Saturday 22 May, apologized for his shameful act after a viral video on Twitter with hashtag #SuspendRanbirSharmaIAS. He slaps a man for violating the COVID-19 rules.

The viral video of this shameful act is the man showing some paper to the collector and also showing something on his phone. He takes his phone and throws it on the ground. After this, he slaps the man's face and orders another police officer to hit him again.


After the video went viral, Ranbir Sharma states that the reason for his outburst is the man was lying and misbehaving with them. When the video came out, the collector faced criticism for assaulting a citizen physically. Netizens took to Twitter and demanded strict action against him.


The statement of Ranbir Sharma is “Today a video is viral on social media in which I am shown slapping a man who was put during the lockdown. I sincerely apologize for today’s behavior. I never had any intention to disrespect or belittle the person in the video.”

He said the man, contrary to some reports, was not minor but a 23-year-old "He was riding a bike and was over speeding. The man also misbehaved with officials", the collector said.


The collector was also trolled a second time because he stated that the one he slapped was not a minor. The people asked him if he is an adult too, will he take away his phone and have the right to slap? After this, what about beating him with a stick?


People did not stop here, one more incident of taking a bribe of 10,000 from patwari in 2015 went viral again when he was working as SDM in Bharatpur in Kanker district. He was removed from the post by the Anti-Corruption Bureau following this act.