• Friday, January 21, 2022

India Tells Dominica: Hand Over Mehul Choksi To Us He Is Our Citizen

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Mehul Choksi said that he was abducted at Jolly’s Bay in Antigua by Antiguan men and an Indian man and taken to an unknown place and also during this, he was beaten badly.

Now India taking its stand to bring up fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi in the county from Dominica. Mehul Choksi was missing from Antigua, On Saturday, he was seen in the custody of police in Dominica. By the local Media of Dominica, a photo of Choksi captured after the Caribbean island nation court extended the choksi’s custody till Wednesday. 

Mehul Choski was also medically examined and also had to undergo the Covid-19 test, the test was negative and he placed in quarantine. Now is the matter again heard on 3rd June in the court. 

Meanwhile, Following the order of the Dominica High Court, Counsel for Mehul has presented additional information on what they claim as proof of Choksi being allegedly abducted and brought to Dominica. 

" My client is a human being, not some pawn that he can be just put in any square in the game of chess as per anybody’s desire or on anybody’s statement. My stand is vindicated and I am filled with gratitude and appreciation seeing the statement of United progressive party Antigua, recognizing that Antigua ought to protect the rights of every citizen," said Advocate Vijay Aggarwal.

He further added in his statement by saying "My client Mr. Mehul Choksi is a citizen of Antigua and is entitled to all constitutional protections under Antiguan constitution and is entitled to all remedies available to him under the law which he has even successfully availed".

On Wednesday, the court will hear a Habeas Corpus Plea- Which Examines whether the retaining is lawfully filed by Mehul. He has been charged with illegally entering the country, which is another problem for the Indian government's attempts to have him brought home back and tried in India's largest bank fraud case. 

Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Browne confirmed that a private jet currently at the Douglas-Charles Airport in Dominica is from India amid the possibilities of deportation of Choksi. Browne gave an explanation on his radio program today after a picture of the jet was posted.  

Gaston Browne said, “After mischievously accusing my administration of harbouring Mehul Choksi, who has an Interpol Red Notice, they are now seeking to sanitize this fugitive to get campaign funding. My administration’s revocation of Choksi’s citizenship has been frustrated by a litigation brought against the state,” reported in Antiguan media in order to secure campaign funding. By targeting the opposition party United Progressive Party (UPP) who were supporting the Mehul. 

“We are determined to revoke Choksi’s citizenship and to concurrently pursue his extradition to India to face criminal charges there. There has been no violation of Choksi’s legal and constitutional protections, despite the decision of my administration to revoke his citizenship,” Browne further added in his official statement.