• Saturday, June 03, 2023

Gone Too Soon- Siddharth Shukla's Last Journey & Brahma Kumari Rituals

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Know all about Siddharth Shukla's Last Night Uneasiness before he left this world. What he was feeling and who was with him at home.


Tapaswini Ben from brahma kumari speaks about the last journey of sidharth shukla said " He will be taken home at 11 am from cooper hospital and we will be meditating first & then the other rituals will be done. Sidharth followed the brahmakumari and studied the daily discourse so his last journey will have all of it."

Sidharth’s mother also follow Brahmakumari when asked fromTapaswini ji about her that how she is coping up to which then she said, "It is a shock for his mother but our study and teachings help people stay strong."

If we talk about Shehnaaz Gill then the sources close to the actor said Shehnaaz gill and his mother both are at home with him. Before heart attack he had the complaint of uneasiness. He came home at 9:30 PM and felt uneasy sharing with his mother. First they give him nimbu pani and then ice cream to make him feel better. He was not so well then his mother said to take rest and he said shehnaaz to stay with him.

Around 1:30 AM sidharth slept on shahnaz lap and around 7 when shahnaz woke up she saw no movement in sidharth's body with panik she rushed on 5th floor from the 12th floor to inform her sister. And then they called their family doctor. The doctor informed that Sidharth was no more.

Today at 2 AM Sidharth Shukla says goodbye to all of us. May his soul rest in peace.